The TINI Specification and Developer’s Guide

Book Description:

With TINI (Tiny InterNet Interface), you can Web-enable just about anything. TINI makes it easy and inexpensive to develop Web-based Java applications for controlling and monitoring embedded systems in a wide range of corporate, industrial, and home applications. Now, TINI’s architect and lead developer has written the definitive guide and reference for this new technology: The TINI Specification and Programmer’s Guide. Don Loomis starts by introducing TINI, a breakthrough microprocessor chipset that contains a microcontroller, operating system, TCP/IP network stack, and Java Virtual Machine. Loomis reviews the essentials of programming embedded controllers, and introduces practical techniques for writing Java-based TINI control and monitoring applications — including practical I/O techniques most Java programmers haven’t been exposed to. The book includes extensive example code — all provided on the accompanying CD-ROM, together with the complete TINI specification. For every developer seeking low-cost ways to Internet-enable their devices — including Java developers, embedded systems developers, Web server programmers, hobbyists, and many others.