The Project Managers Guide to Microsoft Project 2019

Covers Standard, Professional, Server, Project Web App, and Office 365 Versions

Book Description:

Learn Microsoft Project 2019 from the perspective of the project manager.

This guide is an all-in-one training resource and reference that covers all versions found in the Microsoft Project 2019 suite. It is not a “how-to” manual covering the features and functions of the software, but is designed to explain and demonstrate why those features and functions are important to you as a project manager, allowing you to maximize the value of Microsoft Project 2019.

Each aspect of project-manager-specific coverage was selectively compiled by author and Microsoft Project expert Cicala over more than two decades of consulting, project management training, and managing real-world projects using Microsoft Project. Readers will appreciate the robust index and intuitively organized and learning-oriented chapters, and sub-sections for quick reference and problem solving. “Try it” exercises at the close of every chapter help ensure understanding of the content.
What You Will Learn

Understand key components to the Microsoft Project 2019 solution
Reinforce learning via hands-on exercises with step-by-step illustrations
Build a plan and work breakdown structure, and manage resources and assignments
Utilize enterprise project management for creating a project, monitoring, controlling, and tracking
Export and communicate project information to an external audience

Who This Book Is For

Project managers with limited time and resources who need to maximize their efficiency with Microsoft Project
Answer keys and supporting PowerPoint slides are available for academic instructors upon request.