Oracle SQL Revealed

Executing Business Logic in the Database Engine

Book Description:

Tagline: Learn about analytic functions, the model clause, row pattern matching, and other powerful features in Oracle SQL

Table of Contents
Part I: Features and Theory
Chapter 1: Joins
Chapter 2: Query Transformations
Chapter 3: Analytic Functions
Chapter 4: Aggregate Functions
Chapter 5: Hierarchical Queries: Connect by
Chapter 6: Recursive Subquery Factoring
Chapter 7: Model
Chapter 8: Row Pattern Matching: match_recognize
Chapter 9: Logical Execution Order of Query Clauses
Chapter 10: Turing Completeness

Part II: PL/SQL and SQL solutions
Chapter 11: When PL/SQL Is Better Than Vanilla SQL
Chapter 12: Solving SQL Quizzes

Appendix A: Useful Oracle Links