Micro Frontends in Action

Book Description:

Micro Frontends in Action teaches you how to put the theory of micro frontends into practice. Frontend expert Michael Geers teaches you with a complete ecommerce example application that illustrates how a large-scale business application can adopt the micro frontends approach. You’ll learn to integrate web applications made up of smaller fragments using tools such as web components or server side includes, how to solve the organizational challenges of micro frontends, and how to create a design system that ensures an end user gets a consistent look and feel for your application. When you’re done, you’ll be able to better distribute your team’s skills and resources to deliver quality software quickly and flexibly.

what’s inside

Applying integration strategies with iframes, AJAX, server-side includes, web components and the app-shell approach

Optimizing for performance and asset delivery strategies

Designing coherent user interfaces

Migrating to a micro frontends architecture