Learning IBM Watson Analytics

Make the most advanced predictive analytical processes easy using Watson Analytics with this easy-to-follow practical guide

Book Description:

Today, only a small portion of businesses actually use a real analytical tool as part of routine decision making. IBM Watson Analytics is changing that making the most advanced and predictive analytical techniques understandable and usable for any industry.

This book will be the vital tour guide for your trip, starting with what IBM Watson Analytics is. We’ll start off with introduction to Watson Analytics and then quickly move on to various use cases under which one can use the different analytics functionalities offered by Watson. During the course of the book, you will learn how to design solutions, and customize and extend Watson analytics. We will conclude by taking Watson Analytics to enterprise and integrating it with other solutions (other IBM solutions and analytics). Now is the time for you to learn IBM Watson to compete in the world.

What You Will Learn

  • Study the language of Watson while you discover how easy it is to access and configure
  • Review what a Watson use case is, why it’s important, and how to identify one
  • Design Watson Analytical solutions based upon your use cases
  • Understand the basic concepts behind the content analysis cycle and where Watson fits in
  • Explore all the features of Watson, such as Explore, Predict, and Assemble
  • Customize and extend your Watson solutions
  • Use Watson at the Enterprise level
  • Integrate Watson with other toolsets