Intermediate Security Testing with Kali Linux 2

Book Description:

With computer hacking attacks making headline news on a frequent occasion, learning ethical hacking has become a priority for those tasked with defending their networks. But in the sea of training material it is hard to find effectual training using the latest tools and techniques. In “Intermediate Security Testing with Kali Linux 2”, you will learn how hackers find out information about your systems, locate weaknesses in your security and how they gain access to your devices.

This hands-on, step by step learning book doesn’t dwell on the theory of security, but instead walks you through implementing and using the latest security tools that are included in the most popular computer security testing platform, Kali Linux 2.

This book takes off were my first Basic book ends, showing you what has changed in the latest version of Kali Linux. We then cover putting together a penetration testing lab using Windows and Linux based systems.

Next we cover in-depth ways to use Metasploit, by seeing the latest techniques to create backdoor shells and bypassing anti-virus. We also cover automating Metasploit, including scripting based attacks using both Railgun and PowerShell.

In the web application section we cover many of the tools and techniques used against websites. Over 30 tools are covered ranging from scanning to exploiting, including the ever popular BurpSuite.

In the Attacking Smart Devices section we will see how to create virtual phones or tablets, getting remote shells on Android devices and how Wi-Fi and Man-in-The Middle attacks work against smart devices.

Lastly, the book has an entire section of using computer security tools for forensics, an Internet of Things section and an entire chapter devoted to defending your systems.