Building a 3D Game with LibGDX

Book Description:

LibGDX is a hugely popular open source, cross-platform, Java-based game development framework built for the demands of cross-platform game development. This book will teach readers how the LibGDX framework uses its 3D rendering API with the OpenGL wrapper, in combination with Bullet Physics, 3D Particles, and Shaders to develop and deploy a game application to different platforms

You will start off with the basic Intellij environment, workflow and set up a LibGDX project with necessary APIs for 3D development. You will then go through LibGDX’s 3D rendering API main features and talk about the camera used for 3D. Followed by which you will build a basic 3D game with Shapes, including Basic gameplay mechanics and Basic UI. Next you will go through Modeling, Rigging, and Animation in Blender. The book will then talk about refining mechanics, new input implementations, implementing Enemy 3D models, mechanics, and gameplay balancing. The later part of the book will help you to manage secondary resources like audio, music and add 3D particles in the game to make the game more realistic. You will finally test and deploy the app on different platforms.

What you will learn

  • Setup libgdx project on Intellij IDEA
  • Explore the perspective Camera used in the game.
  • Learn basic 3D mechanics Bullet Physics API, Scene2D and implementing 3D shapes
  • Load and managing game assets
  • Implement 3D models with animations, bones (rigs), and textures.
  • Manage and implement sound effects and Background music.
  • Recognize, test and deploy the game across platforms.