Advanced ASP.NET Core 3 Security

Understanding Hacks, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities to Secure Your Website

Book Description:

Incorporate security best practices into ASP.NET Core. This book covers security-related features available within the framework, explains where these feature may fall short, and delves into security topics rarely covered elsewhere. Get ready to dive deep into ASP.NET Core 3.1 source code, clarifying how particular features work and addressing how to fix problems.

For straightforward use cases, the ASP.NET Core framework does a good job in preventing certain types of attacks from happening. But for some types of attacks, or situations that are not straightforward, there is very little guidance available on how to safely implement solutions. And worse, there is a lot of bad advice online on how to implement functionality, be it encrypting unsafely hard-coded parameters that need to be generated at runtime, or articles which advocate for certain solutions that are vulnerable to obvious injection attacks. Even more concerning is the functions in ASP.NET Core that are not as secure as they should be by default.

Advanced ASP.NET Core 3 Security is designed to train developers to avoid these problems. Unlike the vast majority of security books that are targeted to network administrators, system administrators, or managers, this book is targeted specifically to ASP.NET developers. Author Scott Norberg begins by teaching developers how ASP.NET Core works behind the scenes by going directly into the framework’s source code. Then he talks about how various attacks are performed using the very tools that penetration testers would use to hack into an application. He shows developers how to prevent these attacks. Finally, he covers the concepts developers need to know to do some testing on their own, without the help of a security professional.